HEYCOINS kiosk is a coins converting machine that tackles the hassles of using physical coins. Users can use HEYCOINS kiosks to convert coins into digital currency, currently in the form of HEYCOINS Reward Points and Tap & Go mobile wallet, which can be used for redemption of coupons or products, or donate to charity.

 Please see below for the ways to get in touch with us.

  1. Go to the “Contact us” tab on our website, and leave your enquiries there anytime;
  2. Call our Customer Service hotline +852 6546 5266; (Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm; Closed on Public Holidays);
  3. Contact our Customer Service Specialists via WhatsApp ( +852 6546 5266);
  4. Follow our Facebook Page and send us messages there;
  5. Send your enquiries to support@heycoins.com (Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm; Closed on Public Holidays).

Once we received your enquiries, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you encountered any problems after your transaction on HEYCOINS, please keep all records of the transaction and contact us via the abovementioned methods.